Stand-alone Controller

Stand-alone Controller
Product Code: SJ-DMX-S1-RF
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Model SJ-DMX-S1-RF
Input Voltage DC 5-24V
Power <2W
Control Protocol DMX512
Channels 512
Live Alone Mode SD Card
Dimensions 97*40*130mm
Temperature -20℃ -50℃
wNumber of Scenes 255


Remote control Instructions
A: The button “A” show setting play mode of a single file, there are more than one file will gradually transform and play in the SD card.
B: The button “B” show setting looping mode, and looping play all files in the SD card.
C: The button “C” show play / pause function.
D: The button “D” show speed control. Press the button with hold all the time, Speed up then slow down, repeat the loop.

Connection Guide

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