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Design by Casey for  Upstream Music Festival in Washington






MA Console NPU + Showjockey 16 universe artnet+ Showjockey DMX Bar , Design by AV Stage in China









Made by our partner
EPHEMERAL Esp.1 featuring Kenny Larkin








100PCS of 1M showjockey Super Scenografix, 3PCS of Showjockey artnet dmx interface.



70PCS of showjockey dmx bar, 1PCS of showjockey 16 universe artnet, madmapper, design by mont at thailand.



100PCS 1Meter RGB Super Scenografix, Madmapper , @The Dominican Republic


Showjockey Super Scenografix RGB DMX , Showjockey artnet dmx interface, madmapper, design by Sebastiano @Italy






Republic of Singapore , 40PCS of RGB Super Scenografix, Design by Imflex



Design by ALTRIDEA Studio in Italy


Design by ALTRIDEA Studio in Italy





Credit by Francois Tarrabass




256 universe dmx interface,



Showjockey super scenogrfaix works for TV station for commeical  advertise in Thainlad.



2016 Prolight & Sound show in guangzhou, Use 212PCS of super scenografix & 5PCS of 16 universe dmx interface, Madmapper dmx lighting software.



2015 Prolight & Sound show in Shanghai, Use 300PCS of super scenografix & 5PCS of 16 universe dmx interface,  Madmapper  dmx lighting software.



2014  128 x Super Scenografix(RGB),2 x SJ-DMX-E16(Artnet,16universe), Madrix pro version, Programming    Bowen Lee (Showjockey), UK




CCTV 中央电视台315晚会现场,使用DMX LED 软灯带1000米,ArtNet DMX 控制器10台,交换机2台,总功率8600瓦,控制软件madmapper。



160x1M Scenografix,  3PCS of Artnet SJ-DMX-E16 in Thailand




60PCS 1M Super Scenografix RGB Version, Artnet dmx SJ-DMX-E16, Madmapper




Design by matthew






Design by Sebastiano Antonello@Zebra Mapping.




5x5 3W RGB DMX Matrix, SJ-DMX-E4 , @ The Dominican Republic



26PCS 1M Super Scenografix RGB Version, Artnet dmx SJ-DMX-E16, Madmapper,Resolume Arena 5




 400PCS 1M Super Scenografix,  Artnet dmx SJ-DMX-E16, Madrix




Lingum @Thailand, showjockey super scenografix RGB version, Artnet dmx SJ-DMX-E16, Madmapper






Ali Shirazinia/‘Dubfired



128 x Super Scenografix(RGB),2 x SJ-DMX-E16(Artnet,16universe), Madrix pro version, Programming Bowen Lee (Showjockey), UK









Made by  Bertie Sampson of L.E.G in UK



THE_CUBE 2015 上海1933老场坊   DingDong Studio   铝条灯具24Pcs,ArtNet控制器E4 1Pcs,madmapper软件















1:  courtesy of GarageCube and 1024 Architecture   315 x Pro Scenografix (white), Programming Boris, USA




2.  50 x Pro Scenografix(RGB),2 x SJ-DMX-E16(Artnet), Madmapper,Programing,Kevin, China.




3:  2 x SJ-DMX-E16 (16 univese artnet dmx interface), Programming Costa Carvalho , Brial




4:  40 x Pro Scenografix (White, showjockey), 2 x SJ-DMX-E4 (4universe), Programming Francois tarrabass, Sweden






6:  20 x Smart Scenografix(white), 22 x Pro Scenografx (white), Programming Boris, France




7:  280 x Pro Scenografix (RGB), 35 x SJ-DMX-E4 (4Universe), Programing LEO, Taiwan



8:  50 x Pro Scenografix, Programing Boris, Sweden





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